Our process

1. The initial consultation is to gain an understanding of your requirements regarding the website and to discuss what is and isn’t practical for the internet.

2. Using this information, I will draw up an estimate and time schedule for the work, a 20% deposit is required before work starts.

3. I will then design and construct a working model of a few pages that represents our understanding of your needs. A hard copy of the design can be provided - particularly useful if your access to the web is limited, and as an aid to proofing. At this stage we can discuss the various trade-offs that may have to be made to meet your requirements.

4. Next we discuss any changes or new requirements you may have decided upon (it is at this point that further costs may arise, which is why it is best to raise your key questions and needs at the initial consultation).

5. The site will then be completed, fully tested and made available to you for final approval before being uploaded.


At no time is the site “set in stone” - changes are an important part of
the evolution and success of your site.