web design

Web Design

Flexibility, Usability and functionality.
Our sites are designed to be flexible enough to grow with your online presence. Simple techniques such as CSS-led design (where one file defines how all the pages of your website look) mean that upgrades needn't be a headache. In fact, using our CMS (Client Management System) you can do the upgrades yourself.

Working with you.
By starting every project off with an in-depth client meeting or discussion, we put together a brief which will accurately capture yours and your customers needs. This lets us produce work to your specifications.

Every business is different - and every website is different, we understand that you know what you want and we'll always give you the benefit of our experience in the industry to advise you of the best way to achive your online identity.

Flash design

What Is Flash?
Macromedia Flash is a powerful and versatile tool for designing and delivering low-bandwidth animations, presentations and web sites. It can be used to create entire websites or to add interactive elements to standard HTML web sites. It enables Flash web designers to incorporate sound, movement and interactivity - and can be a great way to add visual flair to a site.

Flash can integrate with databases or use a CMS there is nothing that you can do with a normal (HTML) site that you can't do with Flash.


Our consultancy services offers an unrivalled blend of experience with cutting edge awareness of trends in Internet business and technology.
Whether you require a clear specification to guide a project or you just need a brain storming session to explore new ideas, we have the objective and impartial viewpoint you need.
We work with start-up and established businesses every day. We respect the confidence and trust they give us and respond with honest, objective advice.

Database development

More and more companies are turning to database driven website systems as the realisation of their ease of use and speed that new content can be delivered becomes apparent.

We build and offer custom database design and development services for companies that require a web database solution. Specialising in the Unix/Linux platform with MySQL database and PHP we have built solutions for many public and private sector organisations and can fully tailor the database development to your specific requirements.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Putting you in Control
We can provide fully content managed. We understand how important it is to have up to date content on your site which is why every website we build has the option for a web based content management system.
Here are some of the features of the CMS:

Software we use.